Testing, verifying, and commissioning guarantees AV integration success and savings.


Audiovisual systems commissioning requires a deep understanding of audio, video & control signaling as well as knowledge of the products being configured and their design intent. Our commissioning engineers have the know-how to set up audiovisual equipment and optimize the processing of AV signals to achieve stunning results.

The commissioning phase puts an audiovisual system in action. A proper commissioning can help the client realize the full potential of the audiovisual system. It's not at all uncommon to see poorly commissioned audiovisual systems playing havoc with the operation of the system, leaving the client highly dissatisfied.

The commissioning phase includes the following steps:

Examine & verify the flow of signals through the AV equipment.

Verification of delivery

Verification of delivery, installation and documentation of all audiovisual and other auxiliary equipment and systems.


Optimize the AV and control signals flowing through the AV equipment to achieve the design intent of the audiovisual system.

Setting up

Setting up all the required parameters of the AV equipment as per design documentation.

Activity Reports

This step is probably the most critical in the entire commissioning process. This is because it requires specialized commissioning engineers, specifically trained on the equipment being configured. This one step can make or break an AV system.

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